A. Society Computerized Billing and Accounting:

We provide accounting services specifically to housing societies in and around Mumbai city.  As a complete society management solution our service provides relaxation to office bearers and committee members.

Preparation of Maintenance Bills & Receipt (Monthly or Quarterly)
Collecting & Depositing of Maintenance Cheques
Optional / Additional facilities at extra cost for E-mail facility for sending maintenance bills & receipt

This facility of sending bills through mail is very helpful for speedy recovery of maintenance. The members will receive their maintenance bill & receipts each month on their registered mail id regularly.

Yearly Services :
Preparation of following statements for audit and Society record purpose –

Trial balance
Balance Sheet
Income & Expenditure

Preparation of following books of accounts for audit purpose
Cash Book & Bank Book
General Ledger (Assets, Liabilities, Income & Expenditure)
Member Personal Ledger
Audit fee will be charged extra as per Government Panel Auditor
Audit fee will be quote by Auditor only. We provide Government Panel Auditor or Society may appoint the Auditor, as per their choice.

B. Other Consultancy Services:

Determining of maintenance charges as per bye-laws (for newly formed society)

PAN Application
Income tax payment & filing return
TAN Application
TDS deduction, payment & filing quarterly return
Payment of Education Fund and conducting Training in the Society for members
Submission of ‘O’ form (Rectification Report)
Fixed deposit of sinking & repair fund
Statutory books ( I, J Share & Nomination Register )
Minutes book (AGM / SGM and Committee Meeting)
Election Procedure
Stilt parking rights
Non-occupancy charges
Recovery from defaulters : Issuing Notices U/S 101 of MCS Act 1960
Flat transfer formalities and verification of documents for transfer
Endorsement of share certificate
Issue of No objection certificate to members for various reasons

C. Member Management:

• Setup and allocate different type of membership.
• Assign shares and its values.
• Manage parking, including slot, parking charges and application date.
• Complete tenant documentations and management
• Assign Power of Attorney and/or Caretaker
• Services provider of members, like milkman, newspaper, maid, tutor etc.
• Issue and print ID of each provider to different service provider.

D. Society Administration:

• Setup a committee and assign committee role on the bases of election held and membership type.
• Manage the society fixed assets.
• All investments are tracked via assets and management including due date and maturity value.
• Scan and upload all society and members important documents category wise and access it a click of a button
• Take facility booking online, like clubhouse, terrace and other resources available in the society.

E. Member Communication:

• Receive Complains & Request of members via Email and SMS
• Send circulars, information, greeting etc via email and SMS.
• Flash news and notice on a particular member or group of members for specific time.

 F. Yearly Statutory Auditing Services:

We make Arrangement of the Audit through Govt. Panel Auditor. Such arrangement is at very reasonable fees and with you will have to pay Audit Fee to Auditor directly.

1) Co-operative Housing Society auditing is mandatory. Every Year there must be auditing of Accounts Records and Audited Report is to be placed before AGM before 30th September and Return is to be filed to DRCS. Now Appointment of Auditor from Panel of Co-operative Commissioner List is mandatory. Appointment of Auditor must be in AGM of SGM. Our Organization is associated with B-Grade and C-Grade Govt. Panel Auditors from whom you can seek the services of Auditing.

2) Audit Report comprises.. Audit Report, Audit Remarks, Accounts Report and Audit Memo No. 1 & 28.

4) Audit Report is given to the Society.

 G. Income Tax matters:

1. Application of PAN Number
2. Application of TAN Number
3. Advance Tax Calculation and payment of the calculated tax
4. Computation of Income
5. Filing of Income Tax Return in the
6. Attending various appeals with Income Tax Authorities.

 H. GST matters:

1. Application for GST number
2. Charging of GST on income as per applicable rate
3. Payment of GST to government on quarterly basis
4. Filing of GST Returns on monthly / Quarterly half yearly basis

 I. Other Society matters:

1. Society formation
2. Conducting Election in Society as per MCS Act 1960
3. Conducting Education & Training in society under section 24(A) of MCS Act 1960
4. Consulting in Conveyance of Land matters
5. Consulting and attending hearing of co-operative societies court
6. Liaison with Advocate for legal issues if any,
7. Coordinating with contractors for building renovation
8. Other society compliance matters
9. Consulting and advising on various issues of societies.

 J. Personal Accounting and Taxation matters:

1. Preparation of personal accounts
2. Computation of income
3. Filing of Income Tax Return

 K. Trust Accounting and Taxation matters:

1. Preparation of Trust Accounts
2. Online Registration of Trust Accounts
3. Filing of Income Tax Return for Trust
4. Liaison with Charity Commissioner